Whitechapel High School




Principal Hicks

Vice Principal

Vice Principal Stern



No. of Students

Over 500


Red,white,and black



Whitechapel High School (WHS) is the local school in the town of Whitechapel. It was featured on the movie and is one of the central locations on the show. Despite the school being featured in the movie and the series, the school set in the movie was different than the school setting from the series, mainly because of the lighter colored walls in the hallways and red, purple, yellow, and blue lockers in the school from the series. In the movie Benny Weir and Ethan Morgan weren't familiar with the school, because at the beginning, Benny says that they are starting High School.

Known Students.Edit

  • Sarah (The Movie/Season One: Junior / Season Two: Senior).
  • Ethan (The Movie/Season One: Freshman / Season Two: Sophomore).
  • Benny (The Movie/Season One: Freshman / Season 2: Sophomore).
  • Della (Sophomore).
  • Rory (Vampire, Mascot, The Movie/Season One: Freshman / Season Two: Sophomore).
  • Erica (The Movie/Season One: Junior / Season Two: Senior).
  • Hannah (Senior).
  • Stephanie (Formerly, Witch Senior).
  • David (Weredog, Senior).
  • Jesse (Formerly, Vampire Senior).
  • Rachel (Senior).
  • Jen (Senior).
  • Brie (Senior).
  • Sunday Clovers (Senior).
  • Kurt (Fledgling, Senior).

Known StaffEdit

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