Witches are a race of dangerous supernatural women who specialize in the Dark Arts.

Powers and Abilities

Witches have the supernatural ability to utilize magic that specializes in casting spells, brewing potions, and drawing the forces of nature. Their powers parallel to Spellmasters and Earth Priestesses, but in contrast their races are completely different, due to Witches using magic mainly for malevolent and evil intentions.

Their powers have several aspects of Black Magic, including the ability to conjure items, necromancy, soulstealing, telekinesis, and mind control. In very powerful spells, they are shown to levitate slightly. So far, whenever they do any of the above, their eyes appear to glow a dark shade of pink.

Known Witches

  • Stephanie - Currently, Stephanie is the only known true witch that has appeared in the series. She was first introduced in the episode "Three Cheers for Evil ", when she tried to steal the souls of everyone in the school during a pep rally. She was later stopped by Ethan, Benny, Erica, and Sarah, and turned her true age. Her powers were blocked by Benny's Grandma, preventing her from casting spells and thus forcing her to take post as the school's newest lunch lady.
  • Samantha Morgan (temporarilly) - In Halloweird, due to the old warlords mask's spells, she was transformed into a witch, complete with magical powers. However unlike Stephanie, she became a sterotypical fairy tale witch, complete with green skin, a magic wand and a taste for childern. She turned Ethan into a frog, and then began to conqure potions, before talking to Benny, who the mask had turned into a half mexican wreseler Merlin. Before getting into a magic fight with her, however was able to best her by throwing spice at her. After the spell was broken she returned to normal, with no memory of being a witch.

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