Zombie Benny

Zombie Benny

The Zombie is an undead creature that has been reanimated by a person, and, as a result, become brainless and vicious, constantly seeking to eat the brains of other creatures and, in the case, the toxicly mutated Lotta Latte coffee. If a normal person is bitten by a zombie, he or she will also become one within a short period of time. This transformation applies to vampires as well. The appearence is a white/gray skin with loops under victims' eyes, as though it looks as if they didn't get enough sleep.

In the series, the zombies of Whitechapel are created because Lotta Latte gets Liquid Chicken Debrainer instead of their water. By drinking the boiled Chicken Debrainer, it causes many people to become zombies. This causes mass hysteria in the city, especially Whitechapel High, where the teachers and faculty are all transformed, although Ethan, Benny, and Sarah save the day by figuring out that the zombies hate cold temperature (e.g. air conditioner and fire extinguishers). By cooling down the zombies, the water's effects diminish and turn them back into normal people.

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